Screen recording programs review

So I have been doing this 3D thing for a while now and I’m thinking that I might get more employment if I started making tutorial videos. I think there are a lot of tricks that I figured out that I want to share with the community. So right now I’m looking for good program to help me screen capture here is the criteria I need.

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WebGL based website 3D display programs

So I have been experimenting with the various outlets out there which let you  show off your 3D models in real time on a website using the power of WedGL. This is great because it lets you show off your models without forcing users to download a program first before you can view it. Since these programs work off WebGL people can start using it right away. here are my reviews

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Programs for creating faces of real people

So I thought that it would be great if started creating face based of real people. So as always if you want to do something right then you have to do a study about it. So i did some reasearch and found these websites to be a great help to my work process.

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Standalone renders review

So I feel that like a lot of people out there, my art is not truly shown to its full potential unless it is rendered to its maximum quality. Personally as an artist, I want to be an artist in my modeling process I should not spend the most time in the boring technical stuff. Such as retopologizing and setting up UV maps. Rendering is on the same list. I don’t want to spend an entire day tweaking settings and waiting hoping that I got a good render. I want to resolve this once and for all I just want to pop it in and get great quality. So here are all the rendering programs that I have tried and my experience with it.

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