Work process Zbrush to Unreal

So the point of this post is to move my leviathan model in to a playable level in unreal, Essentially this post is my journaling of that process.

So to improve my level design skills I have decided to move my leviathan model in to the game engine and actually make it in to a playable level. So the first stage of this is to create an experimental component which I’m going to do with the frontal Haul of the ship.


stage 1: This is what it looks like currently


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Hard Surface study

So as part of my leviathan 14 project I had to go really deep in to understanding the various hard-surface tools in Zbrush. I soon realized that to get the quality that i want it would be impossible to keep things low poly. So I created a process to get the quality that I’m looking for

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Project high to low bump maps

So this is a question to the experts, so I’m trying to figure out the best method of getting the best normal maps from a high poly to a low. here are the methods I know, and issues I had with them. Just tell me which way you guys think I can get the best quality or you guys think is the fastest?


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Eye Study

This is my Eye study,

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Teeth study

Worked on creating realistic teeth today, to recycle in to all my models. You Always learn something, when modeling, like I learned the various various teeth groups

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Displacement map study

Got the background image from

So this was just an experiment on playing around with complex alpha maps, Now I did not make the alpha map, rather I found it on zbrush central. This was just an experiment of me playing with the values, and seeing the best possible results.

Braided hair Study

Wanted to do braided hair for a character so I made a

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So what I’m really starting to hate and always hated about the gaming process is the technical stuff. Let me be an artist don’t force me to do boring technical work. So I always get to that stage its like

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My work process

My modeling work process

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