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Holiday Rumble

Holiday Rumble

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This is the game where you play a cute robot as he is send in to the body to save a dieing human. The bases of the game is that you control this Defibrillator robot, as he walks around this giant heart fighting off fat cells and tarter monsters. All to save a mans life. The main feature here is that your robot can shock the heart and cause it to pulsate more. So the robot can actively change its environment and it will have to use those powers to defeat its enemies and get over obstacles. This game was created as part of the 24 hour 2012 Orlando game jam, Unfortunately our team lost a programmer early in the process, this is why the game was incomplete.

See link for details:  Heart-alanche

Special thanks to: Jevon Joseph Alexander for being the lead programmer


This is a project that I did while working at Simiosys, I only created the fish and animated them for this project, everything Else was done by Sam Neblett. See link below for full details.