Celestial Saga

Celestial Series

The celestial series is a story about a hyper advanced race of aliens that look exactly like humans. However this race has completely exhausted Ll the resources on their planet making it completely uninhabitable for them. Now they live on spaceships seeking a new planet to exist on. Their situation is dire as all the resources they have we’re from the last planet and its qua ratifies are limited. Unfortunately segments of these planets and segmenting away from others and waging war for these resources. The main character here is Celest who is a agent for one of the sides. Mantis represents her twin sister who defected to the other side. As the war rages between the two sides the Mantose berserker is introduced, while very advanced as well his technology is actually less advanced then the humans. This creature is an alien and the best chance for humanity, because if they can figure out its home planet then perhaps they will find a planet that will have the resources to sustain them. Yet the next step in that is still a mystery will they take that planet by force or use a more peaceful approach. The two sides both have different answers to this question.

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