Decimation master and Udk

So I guess the question that I have the most is when is the right time to decimate a model if you intent to put it in to UDK. I mean decimated models look great for the polycount. However for characters this is not an option because the bending of joints on rigged characters looks terrible. Also getting a good unwrap on a decimated objects is difficult. So I ask when is the appropriate situation, and correct implementation of decimated characters in UDK.

Ok I did a few experiments with decimated models in Udk and I think I got some answers. AS far as the look is concerned unfortunately decimated models do often have artifacts and random imperfections in the models. So these imperfections are often not something you would see in let’s say clean metal surfaces or skin. Also it’s best not to use it on particularly large objects because you will notice imperfections in the UV map. It’s best to use it with objects human sized or smaller. Great uses for it would be such things as

Rocks, trees, and war beaten metal. All of these things actually look better with random imperfections. As far as characters are concerned you can actually make them suedo decimated and decimate their armor which does not have any bending. To give it a nice war beaten look. Do you guys agree?


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