Stretching animation in UDK

So I basically need to create an extend animation in UDK. So the problem I have is how to do it. If I have separate floating bones, and try importing it, then UDK will instantly crash when I try to display it. If I create a skeleton where I unfreeze the length in the bone properties, then the animation just won’t show the parts of the bone stretching, when I import it. I know what I’m doing here and have imported several other animations with no problem. This will give me problems if I do it as a Matinee.
The found the fallowing link a bit useful on this topic, but not sure how to apply it…thy-quot-Bones

Also I’m curious about this I can move the bones in the correct position using the UDK animation editor, inside UDK, since the bones are correctly assigned, but it won’t keep those changes as part of the animation.




Ok so I figured it out and this magic button allows all my stretching to happen to my hearts content.


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