WebGL based website 3D display programs

So I have been experimenting with the various outlets out there which let you  show off your 3D models in real time on a website using the power of WedGL. This is great because it lets you show off your models without forcing users to download a program first before you can view it. Since these programs work off WebGL people can start using it right away. here are my reviews

  1. p3d: this is pretty good but still very new, meaning the support for it is still fairly small. The result quality is fairly good and they offer a nice library of fancy materials. Some of the better features about this is that it lets you rotate your model ,thing load up fairly quickly, users can view your model in different wire frame modes, and the best feature is that people can actually see the poly count of the model. This is also fairly easy to use, but you can only apply one map and not multiple maps to your object. I also like the fact that when embedding this file it does a good job resizing to the webpage. see example above.
  2. Verold: This one is really exploding in popularity and it has the biggest community. Its really easy here for people to give feedback and work on the same model together. You can also show off bump maps and wire-frames of your model. This program also lets you load in environments. They even started up connections with cg society and poly-count forum to let you upload your model directly on the forum. The skin material on here is fairly good, it even lets you see your models with 3d glasses. the only flaw in here that i found is that sometimes the lighting can create inaccuracies in the bump maps. Also I love the fact that it lets you upload
  3. PDF: PDF lets you show off your models in 3D and upload them on the net, but lately they stopped supporting this as much
  4. Sketchfab: fairly easy to use, very few features offered to really compare it with the rest. Starting to like this one more now that it gives you a cheat iphone preview. But better then nothing on mobile devices.


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